About Us

Cloud Mountain Retreat Center is a non-sectarian Buddhist center hosting residential retreats year round. Our mission is to provide opportunities for all individuals to hear and practice Buddhist teachings with qualified and realized teachers in an environment that combines exquisite simplicity, comfort and a supportive container for spiritual transformation. It is our intention to provide opportunities for balanced cultivation of the Three Pillars of Buddhism: ethical and moral behavior (Śīla, शील, 尸羅), generosity and giving (Dāna, दान, ) and the cultivation of wisdom (Bhāvanā, भावना, 禅定).

Cloud Mountain is a rural retreat center located in the forests of southwest Washington, approximately 125 miles south of Seattle, Washington, and 60 miles north of Portland, Oregon. Cloud Mountain was conceived and built with the goal of providing groups and individuals with an environment conducive to meditation and quiet contemplation or study. In operation since 1984, Cloud Mountain offers facilities and accompanying support to all Buddhist traditions.

Situated on 15 wooded acres, Cloud Mountain is a complex of buildings surrounded by trees and connected by rock-lined paths.  There is a large meditation hall, a walking and yoga hall, a sleeping lodge, a teacher's cottage and a lodge that holds the kitchen, dining area, sitting room, staff quarters, office and library, a small lake, a walking garden, a fish pond and abundant wildlife. Black-tail deer, racoons, great blue herons and ducks are frequent visitors.

The center is operated by a small, permanent staff. Permanent staff earn a modest compensation package while exploring creative ways to integrate Buddhist meditation with daily activity. Those interested in working at Cloud Mountain should contact the Cloud Mountain office at (360) 274-4859 or email info@cloudmountain.org for information.