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iMind: A Retreat for Young Adults aged 18 - 35
July 27 - August 3
7 nights
Alexis Santos
Keri Pederson
Shelly Graf, Assistant Teacher
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Retreat Cost: $225 plus dana offerings to teacher(s) & staff

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Cloud Mountain is pleased to be able to offer this opportunity for young adults to practice mindfulness on an intensive silent retreat at a significantly subsidized retreat fee. This opportunity is made possible primarily by the private donation of several caring members of the northwest meditating community who wish to support and mentor young people in Dharma practice. We hope that all who attend will bear in mind their good fortune in being a recipient of this spirit of generosity and find a way to "pay it forward" both on and after the retreat.

The usual cost of a 7-day retreat is on a tiered scale of $490-$580, so this subsidized fee represents a significant gift from our donors. The retreat cost of $225 does not include dana offerings to teachers and staff.

Please be aware that last minute cancellations for non-emergency reasons or cancellations with no notification to the center will in all likelihood prevent someone else from accepting the opening. Please give us as much notice as possible if you need to cancel.
"Wisdom comes from awareness, not necessarily with age." Mindful awareness as a practice is coming to the forefront now in learning to focus, calming the stressed out mind, developing emotional intelligence and as the topic of neuroscientists' fascination and research. While additional positive results of mindfulness are being scientifically documented daily, the preeminent benefit, wisdom, grows inexorably toward an enduring sense of well-being.

The basic ingredients of developing "mindfulness of mind" are useful information, applied intelligence and insight-revealing practice. These basics are called the iMIND, which when practiced manifest in the ability to recognize and deal with the day-to-day challenges of life in a balanced way that supports a lifestyle of awareness.

On this retreat, specifically for young adults, instruction will be offered in mindful awareness throughout the days' activities which will include scheduled and unscheduled periods of awareness while sitting, walking, standing, eating, reading, talking, being silent, listening, an hour of service work daily and when laying down.

This retreat will be team-led, and will include Keri Pederson and Alexis Santos, assisted by teacher trainee Shelly Graf. There will be ample opportunity to hear the dhamma, ask questions about your practice and meet with the teachers in groups and individually. The retreat is suitable for new and experienced meditators.

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