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Registration is open for all 2020 retreats.

Due to delays in our new online registration system, we are instituting a temporary, rather old-school registration process in order to be able to begin opening up registration for our 2020 retreats. Please view instructions for this process by visiting the Registration tab.

May 15 - 22 with Santikaro
May 22 - 28 with Ayya Medhanandi Bhikkhuni
May 29 - June 5 with Mark Nunberg assisted by Shelly Graf
June 5 - 8 with Orgyen Chownag Rinpoche
June 12 - 25 with Heather Sundberg & Leigh Brasington
June 26 - July 5 with Kamala Masters & Steve Armstrong
July 9 - 16 with Phillip Moffitt
July 17 - 22 with Stephen Snyder
July 24 - 29 with Heather Sundberg
July 31 - August 7 Young Adult Retreat
August 28 - September 2 with Tina Rasmussen
September 4 - 11 with Narayan Liebenson & Tim Geil
September 25 - 30 with Kamala Masters

***Our Volunteer Work Weekend has been temporarily removed from the schedule as we prioritize rescheduling canceled retreats.


With the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 bringing the threat of global pandemic, and with Washington state now having a number of problematic cases, Cloud Mountain has spent the last several weeks considering how best to respond to this issue.

On an almost daily basis, the situation here in Washington has been generating more questions than answers. We are still hoping to gain clarity around important issues including the true extent of the presence of COVID-19 in the Seattle area, its methods of transmission and how long its incubation period lasts. Still, with what we do know we are taking certain steps to support the health and well being of our retreatants, teachers and staff.

At the best of times (and these are clearly NOT the best of times), retreat centers are like kindergartens. Various germs arrive with retreatants who travel in from far and wide. Once on site, those germs are all too easily passed around in the close quarters of the retreat environment. Since we spend our days in close quarters sharing meals, accommodations and the meditation hall, we inevitably end up sharing germs as well.

This winter, prior to the arising of this coronavirus, our staff had already instituted new sanitizing protocols throughout the center to combat the effects that we’ve long observed of germ transmission. But even with these new practices in place, small moments of inattention continue to result in colds, flus and viruses being passed around among retreatants. We know that if we keep our doors open we cannot guarantee that transmission of this disease might not take place during retreat. On the contrary, it’s all too likely that it will.

With the health consequences of COVID-19 being potentially lethal for some people, our Board of Directors is choosing to make public health and the safety of our retreatants, teachers and staff our top priority. Based on the information we have to date, we will be taking the following steps.

Effective immediately, we are temporarily relaxing our cancellation policy so that the financial impact on retreatants of cancelling due to illness is minimal. Anyone canceling a retreat scheduled to take place between March 1 – April 30 due to concerns about the coronavirus will receive a full refund of your entire fee, no questions asked. There will be no cancellation fees withheld.

At this time, we are in discussions with the teachers of our March and April retreats about the wisdom of canceling all retreats taking place in those two months. We will send out another update when this question is resolved.

It is our profound hope that the negative effects of the pandemic can be ameliorated. We feel an ethical and moral imperative to do our part in service of this public health crisis, even if it means temporarily closing our doors if we feel that our remaining in operation could cause more harm than good. We continue daily to monitor reports from the CDC, state and county (and to some extent the federal government) to better understand what we’re all facing. We will update our community via email in the days to come as our understanding of and response to the pandemic continues to develop and evolve.
2020 Retreats
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Alexis Santos
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Murray KennedyPatsy Boyer
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Alexis Santos
Enlightenment Intensive
November 17 - November 23
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Murray Kennedy
Patsy Boyer
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