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James T
Operations Manager
I sat my first retreat ever in 2013, and it was at Cloud Mountain. It was a short one, just 3 days, but was a wonderful experience, and it ultimately represented an important shift and deepening in my personal practice. I never thought I'd end up back here, though, but life is full of surprises!

Coming back from a big trip to India in the spring of 2016, I was looking to make a change in my work life. I had spent part of my time in India working at a Tibetan dharma center, and wondered if there we??re similar possibilities available in the US. Almost as if on cue, I got the Cloud Mountain e-mail newsletter, which included a job announcement, and 2 months later, found myself back here again, 3 years to the day from my first retreat.

I feel fortunate to be able to call Cloud Mountain my home, and that my primary work is to support people while they are on retreat. Ideally that support is nearly invisible: we strive to create a comfortable environment where the day-to- day details have all been taken care of, so participants can focus on their personal experience. It's lovely to watch groups and individuals transform over the course of their retreat, from the anxious first hours ("Where will I sleep? what will I eat?"), to the calm and contemplative middle (sitting, walking, sitting, walking) and finally to an often joyful and grateful end. It is a unique pleasure to witness this process, and to know that in some small way I helped make it possible. If you've never sat a retreat, or never been to Cloud Mountain, I hope you'll consider joining us. Who knows, one day you might just end up working here!
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