Cloud Mountain is making steady and concerted efforts to invite fully ordained nuns (bhikkhunis) and former female monastics to lead retreats at Cloud Mountain. This new direction springs from several primary goals:

  1. To support momentum toward greater modern-day gender equality in the oldest Buddhist institution, Theravadin Buddhist monasticism.
  2. To ensure that our retreats continue to be led by highly qualified and realized teachers.
  3. To continue to offer retreats that are solidly rooted in Buddhadharma.
  4. To fulfill the Buddha’s aspiration to maintain the Fourfold Sangha (nuns, monks, lay women and lay men).

Donations to this fund are utilized in various ways, primarily to provide direct financial and material support to bhikkhunis and their young but growing communities both in Asia and here in the west.

You may visit our annual retreat schedule to view all upcoming bhikkhuni-led retreats. For more detailed information about the Nuns Initiative, please follow THIS LINK.