Jason Bartlett

Jason Bartlett emphasizes a practical approach to Buddha Dharma, drawing practice instructions from across a wide variety of Buddhist traditions. He teaches an understanding of Buddhism which can be applied in the tumult of daily life, with the aspiration to support practitioners at all stages on the path to complete liberation. His body of practice includes jhana, liberating insight work, animitta samadhi, silent illumination, non-abiding, emptiness and non-dual practices.

Jason first began practicing meditation in 1993. Struggling with ADHD at the time, at age 17 he turned toward meditation in an attempt to calm an unfocused, out-of-control mind. At the outset, Jason was drawn to deep concentration practice and long hours on the cushion. For the next 10 years, he sought to increasingly connect sitting practice with the hardships and busy-ness of daily life. His first decade of practice was focused primarily on Zen breath-counting, shikantaza/just-sitting practice, and the question “Who am I?”, both on and off the cushion.

Curious to learn more about Dharma and other branches of Buddhism, he began studying and attending retreats focused on other methods and approaches including Chan, various approaches to vipassanā, ānapānasati and jhana. Deepening interest in the workings of Theravāda and Mahāyāna Buddhism lead him to intensive study and practice from the suttas in the Pali Nikāyas as well as Mahāyāna sutras.

After the death of his brother in 2019, Jason founded Luminous Dharma with the aspiration to freely offer Buddhist teachings. Jason continues to learn and practice Dharma methods from Chan, Pure Land, and Theravāda Buddhism, as well as ongoing training with Santikaro and Leigh Brasington.