Cloud Mountain’s doors are open again for retreat. Currently we are observing a maximum group size of 28 participants per retreat, which allows each participant to have a single room. At this time we are welcoming mixed groups of vaccinated and unvaccinated retreatants.

On September 15, Cloud Mountain’s new vaccine requirement goes into effect. Attendees on retreats after this date will be required to be fully vaccinated and at least two weeks past the date of their second shot (or first, if receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine). You will be required to show proof of vaccination upon arrival; you may show your original vaccine card or a photo in your smart phone. Please don’t submit verification before you arrive for your retreat.

With the vaccination policy in place we intend to allow participants to remove their masks. People will be welcome, however, to remain masked if they so choose. NOTE: Cloud Mountain may continue to require masking even for vaccinated retreatants depending how covid-19 conditions unfold, especially as related to the delta variant and other more transmissable or virulent variants that might arise.

A medical exception is in place to allow registration for those with a letter from an MD verifying the medical nature of the exemption. This exception and the accompanying documentation must be provided at the time of registration. People receiving this exemption will be required to mask, social distance, follow high level hand hygiene and comply with any other protocols detailed by the Cloud Mountain staff during their retreat.

After September 15, retreatants will be housed in single and double rooms, following Cloud Mountain’s customary practice of assigning housing based on registration order. That is, the earliest registrants will be assigned to our single rooms. When the singles have been filled, registrants will be assigned to doubles rooms. If your interest in registering for a retreat is contingent upon your having a single room, please note that in the “Other Comments” section at the end of the registration form.

Please bear in mind, there is no such thing as perfect safety. Each of us must make our own decisions about risk tolerance. Because the genuine dangers of this disease should not be minimized, we encourage people to reflect deeply and honor your feelings about whether the time is right for you to return to retreat.

The current criteria for eligibility to participate in group retreats are straightforward. In order to attend a group retreat, we require that you:

  • Currently follow all covid-19 health and safety protocols recommended by the CDC, including mask-wearing, social distancing and hand hygiene where required.
  • Agree to abide by all covid-19 health and safety protocols in place at Cloud Mountain, which may be more stringent than those of your regional health officials or the CDC. Our precautions include mask-wearing, social distancing, hand hygiene, moving indoor activities outside, decreasing occupancy density in shared indoor spaces and enhanced ventilation of indoor spaces.

Please follow this link to better understand the concrete, practical details of our covid-19 health and safety protocols and how we are structuring the various retreat activities for maximum health and safety. We reserve the right to modify and update these protocols at any time.

We rely on the most current science, research and data in the development and application of our public health measures. Teachers, retreatants, retreat center staff and the Board of Directors continue to work closely together so that we all gather together with “informed consent,” responding appropriately to the conditions with which we are presented.