As covid-19 conditions have improved, we have changed our health and safety protocols. We continue to prioritize the well being of everyone who comes to Cloud Mountain, but feel it is appropriate to relax the guidelines that have served us well throughout the worst of the pandemic.

Please know that our health and safety protocols may change quickly in response to changes that may take place in the overall covid-19 situation, including the arising of new variants. Those changes will be announced via community-wide email alerts, updates to our website and by direct emails to individuals scheduled to attend retreats. We reserve the right to change our requirements for retreatants at any time as we deem necessary. We all know by now that new variants can turn the covid-19 situation upside down quite suddenly.


Effective immediately, our approach to the health and safety of our onsite community is as follows:


  • All retreatants in the 2 weeks prior to the retreat observe high-level covid precautions. We especially encourage people to avoid high-density settings or events during this time, including restaurants, bars, clubs, concerts, performances, etc. If it is not possible to avoid such situations, we request that people wear a high-quality mask (N95, KN95 or surgical) to minimize the likelihood of viral transmission.

We are REQUIRING that:

  • All retreatants be fully vaccinated and boosted (if eligible) against omicron. Anyone who is past their prior vaccinations, earlier boosters or a confirmed case of covid-19 by 6 months or more is required to receive the omicron-specific booster shot no later than 2 weeks out from the start of their retreat. Follow this link for more information and if you need to request a medical exception to the vaccination policy.
  • Every retreatant take a rapid home test on the Tuesday prior to the retreat start and test negative for covid-19.
  • Every retreatant take a second test on the Friday start day of the retreat prior to check-in and test negative.
  • On retreats longer than 3 nights, everyone must bring an additional rapid home test to take on the morning of the third day. If all retreatants, teachers and staff test negative at that time, masking becomes optional.


Please follow this link for detailed information about the concrete, practical details of our onsite covid-19 health and safety protocols and how we are structuring the various retreat activities for maximum health and safety. We continue to update this information, and email the most current version to retreatants about two weeks prior to the retreat start.

The Board of Directors, retreat center staff, teachers and retreatants continue to work closely together in assessing current medical research and data so that we all gather together with “informed consent,” responding appropriately to the conditions with which we are presented.