During this week long retreat, we will explore the mindfulness practice taught by Sayadaw U Tejaniya, which is based on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness with an emphasis on awareness of the qualtities of mind. The practice encourages relaxation of body and mind while paying close attention to present moment experience, and the quality of the mind that meditates. The practice unfolds through continuity of awareness in all activities.

This retreat will provide an opportunity for retreatants to determine their own rhythms of sitting and walking practice. Much of the retreat will be structured for “self-directed practice.” Daily practice guidance will be provided through morning instructions, Dhamma talks, Q&A sessions, individual practice discussions and small group discussions, as well as through the writings of Sayadaw U Tejaniya.


Subsidized fee : $490 plus dana offerings to teacher(s) and staff

Sustaining fee : $545 plus dana offerings to teacher(s) and staff

Supporting fee : $580 plus dana offerings to teacher(s) and staff

For this retreat, special financial assistance is available for young adults, ages 18 - 35.
More information is posted on our Scholarship information page.


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