“Patience finds expression as a serene attitude towards stress.
With this virtue the mind becomes cool, clean and calm
like a refreshing pond of crystal clear water.” — Walpola Rahula

When our lives become too busy, patience is the wise response to feeling overwhelmed with reactivity and a false sense of urgency. Patience is the antidote to restlessness, agitation and frustration – protecting the mind from getting carried away with anger and fear. Patience quiets anxiety inviting the heart back into balance so one can choose to respond rather than react. This makes it possible to remember to slow down and appreciate life with the kindness and care that transforms the turbulent heart into a refuge of calm, wise understanding and love.

This retreat will be held in Noble Silence. It will focus on the cultivation of mindful awareness, patience and loving kindness. The schedule will include morning reflections and instructions, sitting and walking meditation, an optional group inquiry and evening dharma talks. Both those experienced and new to vipassana practice are welcome.


Registration is through the Brahma Vihara Foundation
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