Come join us for a weekend of all kinds of inside and outside projecting at Cloud Mountain! This is offered as a time to come together as sangha in a relaxed and informal environment of work and fun to take on a variety of projects to spruce up and clean up the retreat center. We’ll have opportunities to work, meditate, cook, and socialize together, enjoying and connecting with Cloud Mountain and each other in a whole new way. We can investigate together in a lighthearted spirit what it means to walk the Eightfold Path. You can come for a few hours, a day, or several days – whatever works for you.

We’ll have indoor and outdoor projects to work on. As the time approaches we’ll be able to offer more specifics about what all we’ll be working on.

One special piece of the weekend will be cooking and sharing meals that never appear on the tables during retreat. In fact, whether you are able to participate or not, we’d love to have you submit recipes to us that you think might be good additions to the Cloud Mountain retreat menus. If we have these in advance, we’ll prepare, share, compare and vote on them to see about adding them to our recipe book. The kinds of recipes we’re looking for ideally include ingredients that we maintain as part of our standard inventory and require very simple cooking techniques, so that one cook can easily prepare the dish for up to 50 people.

Come join us for the weekend and experience the joy of service and sangha!!


There is no charge to attend, but please send us a completed registration form. In the special notes section of the form, please let us know for which nights you'll need to be housed and for which meals you plan to be here.


There is no fee to attend, but please submit a registration form.