We are delighted to offer two day-long work parties coming up soon on April 9th and 10th. During these difficult times, we can find great joy and fulfillment in coming together as sangha to offer our hands-on Dhamma support by working on important projects, dedicating our efforts to the happiness, well being and ultimate liberation of all beings.


These work parties will begin at 9:00 am and wrap up by 4:00 pm. After lunch each day we will have an optional group meeting for people interested in exploring additional ways to offer volunteer help at Cloud Mountain.


TO ATTEND:  Formal registration is NOT required. We do ask, however, that you send us an email about a week prior to the work parties letting us know what day(s) you will attend, with which kinds of projects you are most interested in helping, and any special dietary or medical restrictions you may have.

These days are intended to be day-long events, with lunches and snacks provided to all. However, if you’re traveling some distance and would like to stay overnight we will be delighted to offer you housing and meals while you’re here with us. If this is the case for you, please also add this information to your email and let us know for which nights you need housing.

We will offer covid-safe projects inside and outside.

Transplant bamboo grass around our newest single sleeping space, Redwood Kuti (formerly the sauna building)
Reflag and post new signage for the modified Covered Bridge Trail
Light weeding, trimming and planting in and around the Walking Garden
Window washing

Applying moisturizing wood treatment to the Sitting Room walls
Cleaning and reorganizing Diamond Meditation Hall following renovation (yes, a renovation!)
Window washing

A vaccination requirement is in place for all participants on this retreat. Follow this link for more information about the vaccine requirement, including an avenue for medical exemption.

All participants will be housed in single sleeping rooms.

We will continue to require all retreatants, staff and teachers to remain masked throughout the retreat.

The retreat container will be constructed in accordance with the current covid-19 conditions at the time to maximize individual and group health.  All participants will be required to follow all covid-19 health and safety guidelines in place at Cloud Mountain. We reserve the right to adjust expectations of acceptable behaviors within the retreat environment to respond most appropriately to covid-19 conditions. PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR UPDATED INFORMATION ABOUT OUR COVID-19 HEALTH AND SAFETY PROTOCOLS.

Scholarship funds are available on all retreats to assist those with financial challenges. For more information, read the Scholarship section of our overview information.


Following in the Buddhist tradition, none of your registration fee will go to the teacher(s). Please consider offering teacher dāna at the event to support their livelihood. (Dāna is a term for generosity, or freely offered giving. You can find more information about this way of offering the teachings and the "economy of gifts" on our Donation page.)