When we develop the qualities of wisdom and compassion, life becomes more meaningful. Yet the non-stop influences of technology, social media and other stressors can feel overwhelming, pushing us in the opposite direction. How do we navigate the world we are living in with all of its hardships and gifts to discover a greater sense of purpose and connection?

During this week-long retreat, we’ll use the Buddha’s teachings as a foundation for developing the heart and mind. Together we’ll explore the cultivation of moment by moment awareness, in a relaxed and natural way–leading us to an embodied sense of connection, clarity and ease.

The retreat format will include daily instructions on developing a natural awareness throughout the day. There will also be group meetings with the teachers as well as plenty of time for questions and discussion. There will be both scheduled and unscheduled periods of practice to support the different rhythms of cultivating a relaxed awareness. The retreat will be in silence as well as occasional group exercises to explore practicing in community.

This retreat will be team-led by Keri Pederson, Shelly Graf and Matthew Hepburn. We look forward to sharing the week with both new and experienced meditators. All are welcome, and all belong.


The usual cost of a 7-day retreat at Cloud Mountain is on a tiered scale of $490-$580, so this subsidized fee represents a significant gift from our donors. The retreat cost of $250 does not include dana offerings to teachers and staff.

Please be aware that last minute cancellations for non-emergency reasons or cancellations with no notification to the center will in all likelihood prevent someone else from accepting the opening. Please give us as much notice as possible if you need to cancel.

The cancellation policy and refund schedule differ from other retreats due to its subsidized nature:

  • The retreat fee, less a $75 cancellation fee, will be fully refunded if Friends of Cloud Mountain is notified more than 6 months prior to the start of the retreat.
  • The retreat fee, less a $150 cancellation fee, will be fully refunded if Friends of Cloud Mountain is notified 2 or more weeks prior to the retreat.
  • The full amount of the retreat fee will be forfeited if FOCM is notified less than 2 weeks prior to the retreat.

A vaccination requirement is still in place for all participants on this retreat. Follow this link for more information about the vaccine requirement, including an avenue for medical exemption.

Participants will be housed in single sleeping rooms.

We require the following schedule of rapid testing with negative results: 1)  on the Tuesday prior to the retreat stat; 2)  on the Friday start-day of the retreat; and 3) on Monday during the retreat for any retreats longer than 3 nights.

We continue to require all retreatants, **teachers and staff to remain masked until all participants conduct the Monday testing with negative results. At that point masking becomes optional. (**With consent of the group, teachers will teach without masks starting the first night but remain masked along with the group at all other times.)

The retreat container will be constructed in accordance with the current covid-19 conditions at the time to maximize individual and group health.  All participants will be required to follow all covid-19 health and safety guidelines in place at Cloud Mountain. We reserve the right to adjust expectations of acceptable behaviors within the retreat environment to respond most appropriately to covid-19 conditions. PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR UPDATED INFORMATION ABOUT OUR COVID-19 HEALTH AND SAFETY PROTOCOLS.

Scholarship funds are available on all retreats to assist those with financial challenges. For more information, read the Scholarship section of our overview information.


Cloud Mountain is pleased to be able to offer this opportunity for young adults to practice mindfulness on an intensive silent retreat at a significantly subsidized retreat fee. This opportunity is made possible primarily by the private donation of several caring members of the northwest meditating community who wish to support and mentor young people in Dharma practice. We hope that all who attend will bear in mind their good fortune in being a recipient of this spirit of generosity and find a way to "pay it forward" both on and after the retreat.

Please see the end of the retreat description for financial information and the special cancellation policy in place for this unique, subsidized retreat.


$250 plus dana offerings to teacher(s) and staff


To learn more about a teacher, please click on their photo.