The Seven Factors of Awakening are at the heart of Buddhist practice. These qualities can be thought of as “anti-hindrances” because they counteract those forces in the mind that keep us in delusion. Through cultivating mindfulness, investigation, energy, joy, tranquility, concentration and equanimity, we are transforming ingrained habits that limit our growth and block our healing, opening our hearts and minds to greater freedom. First making peace with life as it is by starting where we are, we will then see that these seven factors form a natural progression, each one leading to the next, setting the wheel of awakening rolling.

We will create a monastic environment during our time together, offering an opportunity to explore the Dhamma in a setting that differs somewhat from a typical meditation retreat. In the spirit of the monastic lifestyle, we will be following the Eight (or seven) Precepts, taking only what is offered, mindfully participating in the daily routine, and attempting to reflect on our every activity as part of our practice. This will include Noble Silence, morning and evening chanting, sitting and walking meditation, and daily Dhamma teachings. There will be opportunities for group practice discussions along with Q&A during the retreat. An optional daily period of yoga or movement will be offered and led by Emily Carpenter.

Prerequisite: You must have sat at least one three-day or weekend retreat in order to attend. This is an all dana retreat.


$100 plus dana offerings to teacher(s) and staff


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