By using the timeless teachings of the Buddha on emptiness and the Four Noble Truths, we move beyond our sorrows and grievances, cultivating virtue, joy, wisdom, and fearlessness. And as we realize the heart’s true peace, we create immeasurable blessings both for ourselves and all beings.

A familiar meditation practice is to hone our skills in mindfulness and present moment awareness by directly knowing and exploring what takes place in the mind. In this retreat, we will develop those skills by also turning our attention to what is absent, what is not present in consciousness, so as to expand our awareness and deepen our understanding of what we are not experiencing – the fear we cannot touch, the sorrow we try to forget. When we truly see and experience these as empty, the truth of suffering, its origin and its cessation take root. Just so, emptiness hastens us on the way out of suffering towards the threshold of freedom.

The retreat will take place in Noble Silence. The daily schedule will include morning and evening chanting, sitting and walking meditation, and daily Dhamma talks as well as guided meditations. There also will be opportunities for group practice discussions along with Q&A during the retreat. Dinner will be provided for those who wish but participants will be very welcome to follow the Eight Precepts.


This retreat is offered as an all-dana retreat. Other than the $100 we request as a non-refundable commitment fee, each participant will be encouraged to practice generosity out of gratitude for this retreat experience. At the end of the retreat, there will be an opportunity to offer donations to the teacher and to the retreat center.


There is no set fee to attend, but we ask each retreatant for a non-refundable $100 commitment fee.


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