Do you find yourself overwhelmed with difficult emotions at times? Do the challenges of the world create fear and worry? Afflictive emotions don’t have to be an impediment, they can be of great use on your spiritual journey. It is possible to use experiences of depression, anxiety, or trauma as a vehicle for awakening from the conditioned patterns of mind. These times of Covid are a perfect opportunity to deepen our practice together and grow spiritually.

In this retreat you will learn tools for investigating and disidentifying from mindstates and emotions. You will also learn about strengthening your centered presence in each circumstance. This silent retreat will include mindfulness, self inquiry, neuro-psychological approaches, somatic tools, sitting  and walking.

Due to travel limitations due to the covid-19 delta variant, this retreat has been canceled as a residential retreat., It is now being offered as a mini-retreat on Zoom on Sunday, October 17 from 10 am – 3 pm Pacific time.

TO REGISTER FOR THE ZOOM RETREAT: Please email Amita Schmidt directly at The Zoom retreat is being offered on a donation basis.



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