The Buddha points to the middle way – a wisdom that understands the limitations and stress involved with both craving for things to be other than how they are and craving to be done with the challenging and ungovernable circumstances we experience in life. Retreat practice is our opportunity to see more clearly how the mind is conditioned to react to the pleasantness and unpleasantness of experience and to realize another way of relating.

It is possible to relate to experience with a fearless intimacy, allowing for a wise, kind and forgiving response to life. The teachings of this retreat will emphasize the Buddha’s teachings on the Four Noble Truths and the liberating movement of turning toward and better understanding what is difficult, confusing and uncertain in life.

This retreat will be held in Noble Silence and will also include daily mindful Qi Gong sessions, guided lovingkindness meditations, and opportunities for small group and individual practice interviews.


Subsidized fee : $350 plus dana offerings to teacher(s) and staff

Sustaining fee : $380 plus dana offerings to teacher(s) and staff

Supporting fee : $410 plus dana offerings to teacher(s) and staff


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