This retreat will observe the annual passage from old year into new within the peace and beauty of Cloud Mountain, a safe refuge, while much of society indulges unhealthy tendencies of excess and stimulation. Dhamma teachings will encourage cultivating mindfulness with the ebbs & flows of breath, body energy, sensations, and mind. In particular, mindfulness with breathing will be emphasized for generating concentration and investigating the nature of mind-body. Reflections on time, change, life, death, renewal, letting go, compassion, and selflessness will inform our practice. Dialog circles will be open to those who wish to explore with others Dhamma themes relevant to the retreat and practice.

Most of each day will be dedicated to sitting and walking meditation, along with the talks and periods for reflection. Noble Silence will pertain, including Q&A, dialogue circles, and personal practice interviews. Qi Gong and posture work will be optional.

Please note: due to covid-19 concerns, we have had to set new criteria in place to attend this retreat:
1.   Applicants must agree to fully comply with Cloud Mountain’s covid-19 health and safety protocols, including mask-wearing, social distancing and hand hygiene.
2.   Applicants need to have attended at least one prior retreat at Cloud Mountain within the last 3 years.
3.   Applicants must live in WA, OR or northern CA AND can drive between your home and Cloud Mountain in one-day.


Subsidized fee : $490 plus dana offerings to teacher(s) and staff

Sustaining fee : $545 plus dana offerings to teacher(s) and staff

Supporting fee : $580 plus dana offerings to teacher(s) and staff


To learn more about a teacher, please click on their photo.