This retreat will emphasize the application of the meditative absorptions in a regular sitting practice and is suitable only for experienced meditators with prior retreat experience (in any Buddhist tradition). The Jhanas, commonly called the meditative absorptions, are a method of one-pointed concentration taught in the Theravadin Buddhist tradition. The retreat will emphasize the teaching of this technique as taught in the lineage of Ayya Khema and will be held in Noble Silence with sitting and walking meditation and personal interviews.

Partial attendance is not offered; each participant is expected to stay for the scheduled duration of the retreat.

Each participant will have a single room to allow for private practice.

You must have sat at least two 7-day retreats in order to participate in this retreat. Please include a comprehensive resume of your retreat experience with your registration materials. It is highly encouraged that you engage in a daily sitting meditation practice of at least 45 minutes in the month before attending the retreat.

Please consider attending this retreat only if your current life circumstances allow you to engage in an important modern renunciation practice of staying 100% offline and off phone/text during the entire course of the retreat.

On September 15, 2021, our new covid-19 vaccine requirement goes into effect. Attendees on this retreat will be required to be fully vaccinated and at least two weeks past the date of their second shot (or first, if receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine). You will be required to show proof of vaccination upon arrival; please don’t submit verification before that.

medical exception is in place to allow registration for those with a letter from an MD verifying the medical nature of the exemption. This exception and the accompanying documentation must be provided at the time of registration.

The retreat container will be constructed in accordance with the current covid-19 conditions at the time to maximize individual and group health.  We reserve the right to adjust expectations of acceptable behaviors within the retreat environment according to changing covid-19 conditions. PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR UPDATED INFORMATION ABOUT OUR COVID-19 HEALTH AND SAFETY PROTOCOLS.


Scholarship funds are available on all retreats to assist those with financial challenges. For more information, read the Scholarship section of our overview information.


This retreat is intended for experienced students.


Subsidized fee : $910 plus dana offerings to teacher(s) and staff

Sustaining fee : $1040 plus dana offerings to teacher(s) and staff

Supporting fee : $1170 plus dana offerings to teacher(s) and staff

Following in the Buddhist tradition, none of your registration fee will go to the teacher(s). Please consider offering teacher dāna at the event to support their livelihood. (Dāna is a term for generosity, or freely offered giving. You can find more information about this way of offering the teachings and the "economy of gifts" on our Donation page.)


To learn more about a teacher, please click on their photo.