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Cloud Mountain has the honor and privilege of hosting the following teachers. One of our most important responsibilities as a Dharma center in service to our retreatants is to carefully select and invite teachers who embody certain important qualities, including clear understanding of the teachings of the Buddha, impeccable ethics, compassion, a depth of realization of the teachings that allows them to work with students at any level of practice and the humility to know themselves to still be students of Buddhadharma requiring further training in the noble eightfold path of liberation. We feel confident that among these teachers every student will find an effective and trustworthy guide.
Adrianne Ross
Alexis Santos
Andrea Fella
DaeJa Napier
Donald Rothberg
Franz Moeckl
Guy Armstrong
Heather Martin
Heather Sundberg
Jaya Rudgard
Jude Rozhon
Kamala Masters
Kate Dresher
Keri Pederson
Leigh Brasington
Mark Nunberg
Mary Aubry
Michael Grady
Murray Kennedy
Narayan Helen Liebenson
Patsy Boyer
Phillip Moffitt
Shelly Graf
Stephen Snyder
Steve Armstrong
Susie Harrington
Tim Geil
Tina Rasmussen
Vance Pryor
Willa Thaniya Reid
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